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Introducing Bmail

What is Bmail?

Deployed on BNB Chain, Bmail guarantees a purely decentralized and privacy protected environment for users' information, assets & Dapp management. Each user will be identified by an NFT domain account which is the unique access to their Web 3.0 gate. Bmail will eliminate data barriers and in the progress to become the most important DID for the Web 3.0 era.

Decentralized cloud
DApp library
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Introducing Bmail

How does Bmail work?

Bmail forms the fundamental decentralized identity (DID) and distributes a private "canister" for each mailbox correspondingly on chain (BNB Chain) . Users can access information, assets and DApps securely and seamlessly with Bmail.

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Data Sovereignty

Decentralized storage keeps data sovereignty under user’s control.

Decentralized Identity

The important component to form DID in Web 3.0

Encrypted & Privacy

VRF (measurable random function) + BLS (non-interactive threshold signature) + Container.

Multichain Assets

Bind with multichain wallets, enables users to send & receive messages and assets seamlessly.

Permanent Data Storage

Bmail users' data is stored on chain permanently in a decentralized method.

Tradable NFT Domain Account

Bmail domain is a tradable asset in the NFT domain market.

Message Notification API

Provide an API services for instant information transfer in Web 3.0 world.

Integrating with Web 2.0 Emails

Login through Web 2.0 email address is acceptable.

Message Subscription

Get updates from projects or addresses you are following.

Introducing Bmail

What’s unique about Bmail?

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Introducing Bmail

Product Roadmap

2022 Q2

Project kickoff
Bmail demo

2022 Q3

Wallet assets
Group push

2022 Q4

Mailbox base
Community AMA
NFTs account presale

2023 Q1

Assets exchange
More cross-chain

2023 Q2

Assets exchange
More cross-chain

2023 Q3

Mail business version
BNB Chain core exchange

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Bmail guarantees a safe & private environment for your communication, storage, tokens & NFTs transfer on Web 3.0